Automation of industries

The main profile of our comany are automated sewing systems. The common station contains from the automated sewing head and loading tables. The sewing is done with use of special holding plates, that are made by our specialists.

The operation places the holding plate on the loading table, and he loads the components onto it. The sequence of components laying is controlled by a PLC. In order to speed up the process, the current layout of the component is shown on the HMI panel, as well as the shelf with the proper component is lit.

If the components are layed properly, the holding plate is plugged out of the Jig-Eject system, and the operator places it under the sewing head. The PLC controls the thickness of components layers, in order to avoid sewing two sticked together components, and starts sewing within the programmed pattern. During this time, the operator can place components on second loading table.

The sewing process is controlled by bobbin and thread tensioning sensors. In case of thread breakage, or lack of thread, the sewing is stopped automatically.

Hight flexibility of our solutions allow to use barcode reader, printing labels, connection to external servers, adding special holders, as well as connecting machines together, in order to create a technological line.

Except of sewing automated machines, we supply our clients in other machines, and working stations, such as screwing stations, control stations, rolling machines, and much more. For the clients order we are able to make basically each type of automated machine, for any production type.