Sewing systems optimalisation

Our big experience regarding sewing system, allows us to find methods and solutions, that increase the quality of sewing. Usage of PLC drivers in order to control the process of components laying reduces the number of potential mistakes that may occure due to operators’s fault. Control system by means of different sensors including: optical, colour, contrast, thickness, cameras or visual systems, secure the process regarding mistakes in number of layers (components sticking together), wrong order of components (sequence of laying), or the side of the component (symetrical component but one side covered with silicone for example).

Inteligent system of thread tension control, can automatically stop the sewing process in case of upper or lower thread breakage, which significantly saves time of the process. The sewing process can be chosen automatically, which excludes the mistakes and potential collision with the holding plate.

The possibility of connecting the machines to internall ethernet network, allows for a remote diagnostic of the station, indentyfing the product or storing the production data.

KTP700 Siemens panel that we use, informs the employee about next steps that are required on the station, about the status of the process. It also displays the communicates about mistakes, displays the drawing of the components to be used as next. Thanks to this approach, a person with lower skills or experience, can start work on that station, which wouldn’t be possible on such station, that does not offer control systems mentioned above.