Anodizing – the genesis and development of technology over the years

Anodizing, as a process of producing an anode coating on the metal surface, is now a very good way to improve the quality and strengthen light metals. Most often, this treatment is used for objects in aluminum. By soaking the metal in acid solutions and by using a constant flowing current, a coating can be obtained on the aluminum surface that protects the metal from external, mechanical and as in the case of anodizing decorative – improves the appearance of the object, aesthetically.


Anodization, or eloxing, is one of several types of metalworking that generally belong to the so-called galvanization process. To find out where the protective oxidation of aluminum really came from, it is worth going back to the beginnings, when the entire galvanization process was invented.


The first attempts at galvanization were made in 1805 by the Italian chemist Luigi V. Brugnatelli. Using the battery voltage, he wanted to make a gilded silver metal. His groundbreaking experience, however, was underestimated at the time. Nevertheless, Brugnatelli is considered the inventor of the galvanization process, which includes, among other things, electrolytic oxidation of aluminum.