How does Artificial Intelligence change our lives?

Progress and advancement have made our lives more comfortable and now everyday activities take less and less time. Moreover, modern software and applications improve our time management, detect faults and provide both entertainment and security. This is all due to the Artificial Intelligence changing our world. Although we are far from science fiction movies, the first AI apps are already used on a daily basis.

AI can find a home in one of our most frequently used devices – our smartphones. Face recognition is a popular feature in a lot of models. The phone can remember a particular face from photos and then classify it accordingly. Apart from that, Siri and Google Assistant are also important applications. These are two applications (the first for IOS, the latter for Android), which can talk to you. By asking the Assistant a question, you can get information about nearby shops, current weather, or any random information from the Internet. In this way, Artificial Intelligence helps us use the phone while driving, e.g. dial someone’s number quickly or get the information we need easily without having to browse the Internet.

Safety and convenience is another advantage for drivers. New high-tech car safety features are helping drivers who have lapses in attention. These features warn them or intervene to head off potentially dangerous situations. Furthermore, they recognize and inform you about traffic signs as well as points of interest nearby. Most interestingly, there are vehicles that can drive by themselves. These systems have been created to give customers a great user-experience and keep them safe on the roads.

Artificial Intelligence is very common on the Internet. While we do online shopping, ads for products we look at, such as footwear and clothing, can appear on other websites we visit. Similarly, there are ads tailored to online shoppers based on the products they have seen before. This can save time and encourage us to buy or just draw our attention to an item.

Same goes for the music we listen to. A lot of music-streaming services offer compilations based on our music taste. They can also suggest other songs that we don’t know yet, but might arouse our curiosity.

Apart from entertainment and online shopping, kitchen is one of the places where Artificial Intelligence is used. An enjoyable and healthy lifestyle can be assisted with intelligent kitchenware such as a smart refrigerator or food containers. They can adjust the cooling temperature settings by themselves or inform us whether a given product is after its best before date. Such simple functions improve our lives and can also prevent us from wasting food.

Artificial Intelligence is present almost everywhere, but when people think of AI, the major image that pops up in their heads is that of robots of all kinds. Humanoids robots are one of the most popular forms. They can move around independently, express feelings and talk to people. They can help us in everyday life or serve for scientific purposes. Yet, humanoids need all the human senses to function properly.

Despite many advantages of the latest and fully functional apps, Artificial Intelligence has its disadvantages too. An application or even the smartest device cannot replace a human being, his or her skills and mind. Although Artificial Intelligence helps us a lot in every walk of life, we should keep control over it all the time.