SCARA robot

The SCARA robot is a specialized device capable of performing precise mechanical works assigned to it. They are usually used for simple and repetitive work such as: lifting objects, moving them, putting them on, taking them off. They can also tighten, drill, burn and glue, i.e. operations on automatic assembly lines.

The name SCARA comes from the first letters of the English name Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm.
These devices work well where speed and precision matter.
The robot arms rotate in one plane towards each other.
By properly controlling the main engines, we can set the head anywhere in the XY plane and height: up and down.
The head can reach a point inside the cylinder section or all of it when the cables are routed inside its housing and then nothing limits it.

The working area of ​​this robot depends on the length of the arms and usually covers the front and sides of the robot.
This is sufficient for many automation applications.
The head can also rotate around its axis. A tool such as a vacuum attachment, dispenser, drill or screwdriver can be placed at its end.

SCARA robots usually have only two main rotation axes, but as it turns out they can do a lot and there are some advantages.
They are smaller than other robots, thanks to which they are lighter, consume little energy and take up much less space on the production line and all this is important in modern solutions.

A typical limitation of SCARA is the lack of tool inclination as is possible with typical six-axis robot arms.

Their simpler construction translates into lower costs of purchase and further operation.
They have fewer moving parts of joints, bearings, motors positively affect the greater rigidity of the structure and, as a result, greater precision of tool positioning.
Lighter arms are easier to accelerate and stop faster in a fully controlled and precise way.
It is possible to achieve the accuracy of guiding the tool of one micrometer.
Vorster has chosen the Brothers SCARA robot for its new fully automated sewing line for driver airbag panels.
Fabric parts are light so vacuum suction cups controlled by solenoid valves and Siemens controller were used to move and lay them.

The task of Scara robots is to take fabric blanks from the pile, then sew in the reinforcements to the panel and place them in the correct order under the sewing machine.

The robot guides these components to the designated place, if necessary, it rotates and applies them at the right time. It does it really efficiently and precisely.
After sewing, the robot removes the pre-sewn semi-finished product and transfers it to the next operation.
Everything happens on the production line without human intervention.

The route leading the main panels is set so that the fabric element does not curl, it must be laid evenly on the sewing machine tray. The sensor receives information from the sensors confirming the correctness of the work. Everything is controlled by the optical system and checked by the supervising system.

SCARA robots have proven themselves well on the automotive airbag sewing line so it was a really good choice for sewing machines.