From vision to solution


Our company has everything to build a machine exactly as you need.

Our team of experts at Vorster specializes in designing, constructing, and implementing comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our range of activities includes designing and building custom machines, as well as developing and producing complete assembly lines.

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How long have we been in the industry?

From the beginning, we have focused on modern solutions and quick order fulfillment.


What is our experience?

We prioritize professionalism – every project is carried out at the highest level.

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Our Offer

We design with the individual needs of the customer in mind, optimize the project, construct precisely, and assemble efficiently.

Our commitment and attention to the highest quality of components guarantee the best solutions and reliability of the machines we offer.

Machine Construction

We build machines based on the most effective solutions, using the highest quality components.

CNC Machining

We have a modern machine park for the processing of metals and plastics.


For many years, we have been implementing projects in the machinery industry for the largest brands in the automotive sector.

Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum anodizing increases strength and helps to extend the life of machine parts, equipment, and accessories.

Our partners

We ensure the highest quality of the delivered product.

Why should you trust us?

The synergy of experience combined with practical knowledge about the needs of customers, including the automotive industry, makes the construction of production machines our specialization.


Our offer is recommended by companies that are recognized in their industries because they are commonly associated with reliability.


We are well aware that the construction of industrial machines allows companies that have trusted us to increase production efficiency while simultaneously reducing its costs and maximizing quality.

Attractive Price

The production of custom machines that we offer is highly valued in many countries around the world. When we add an attractive price list to this, you can understand the global interest in our services. We warmly invite you to take advantage of our offer!

pracownicy przy pracy nad maszynami firmy vorster

Check out our current job openings!

Your career at Vorster Company

Join our team!

Are you interested in developing your skills and working in a dynamically developing company? Join our team!

Machine Assembler

You will be responsible for assembling and disassembling machines and industrial equipment.
Your responsibilities will also include quality control of assembled components and ensuring the proper functioning of machines.

CNC Machine Operator

As a machine operator, you will be responsible for operating industrial machines and equipment.
Your responsibilities will also include quality control of the produced items and ensuring the proper functioning of the machines.

Machine Designer

You will be responsible for designing and constructing machines and industrial equipment.
Your responsibilities will also include supervising the production process and making any necessary adjustments to the projects.

Warehouse Worker

In the role of a warehouse worker, you will be responsible for receiving and issuing goods.
Your responsibilities will also include maintaining warehouse documentation and keeping the warehouse organized.


Learn more about us

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What our customers think about us

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important for us. By taking care of the highest quality of our services, we constantly strive to develop, so that the project we deliver to our customers is of the highest quality.

Jakiś czas temu zamawialiśmy płytki z czarnego POMu C. Detale były wykonane bardzo dobrze. Zależało nam na uzyskaniu dużej gładkości, firma poradziła sobie z tym bez problemu. Na plus dobry kontakt oraz szybki czas realizacji.

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Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni ze współpracy z firmą Vorster. Realizacja zawsze w terminie, elementy bardzo dobrze wykonane, dbałość o szczegóły na każdym etapie realizacji. świetny kontakt z Panem Damianem, który na bieżąco informuje o postępach w realizacji. Polecam !

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